Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stay with me, share all your secrets tonight.

I have officially experienced my first basketball game.
It was nothing to go home and brag about. Taio Cruz was really good though! I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Sadly, thanks to my camera being on some weird setting, none of the pictures turned out good. I started feeling like total crap about 10 minutes before we got to the Palace. Lucas thought I was probably just car sick or something. So we got there and he got me a water and a HUGE pretzel and I was feeling a little better. After half time we walked around for a minute and my head was just pounding so we went back to the seats and decided to just leave and get some buffalo wild wings take out.. yes, again. The rest of the night we just laid around slept.
Today, I woke up around 930. Had some coffee and ended up falling asleep on the couch watching tv. Lucas said he was going to wake up at noon, but luckily he didn't because I didn't roll off the couch until 230. I decided to just let him sleep. He's finally up, but we're just taking it easy and I will eventually get my lazy self in the shower so I can not be such a bum.

Here is my last Christmas update!

It's a little small, but you get the point.
The top left is the Betsey Johnson bracelet I got for my mom.
This year for Christmas I got Lucas, a lot. I bought him Juicy cologne, Under Armor long sleeve since he work in the freezer, a nice Red Wings hoodie he really wanted, a MSU zip up, I made him a scrapbook, I bought him a bunch of really old Red Wings collectables, tickets for 2 different Red Wings games, a really nice plaid DC shirt, two red wings hats.. that might of been all.. I can't remember.
For Luke's dad I just bought him a ton of MSU stuff, he was so excited and so shocked that I was able to find three MSU shirts that he doesn't already have!
I bought my Nana and Papa just a bunch of random stuff. Like more K-Cups for their coffee marker my parents bought them, a snow globe.. since my mom has a ton of snow globes and I've always loved them! I bought them like this really nice candle from the Craft mall.
I spent a lot of money this year on Christmas, but it was all worth it! I would much rather buy people gifts than receive them. Everyone was amazed at all the things I bought them, it made me so happy. I love that I can actually afford to spoil the people that mean so much to me.

I sent Lucas' mom an edible arrangement, and apparently she was so happy about it, it made her cry! Aww :)

Well, I'm going to force myself to get in the shower and get ready. I'm still not feeling all that good. Maybe a shower will help though!