Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks.. and a severe case of ADD.

I'm going to try and get this typed before Starbucks closes, which is super soon!

Allison and I are here studying. I finished all my work that's due tonight, and I'm honestly too distracted to do anymore homework at the moment. I sat next to this guy who was from Australia and his accent was amazing! But, he told me that the Wings will lose to the Sharks.. which I was not fond of.

Look how pretty it is downtown!
I wish it could be 90 degrees and still be all pretty like this! I wouldn't mind winter then! 

Christmas shopping is killing me! Well, maybe not.. but I went so over board. I had to pick up some from the post office...
Barely fit in the front seat of the mustang. 
Yes, I've been forced to drive the mustang the last few days because my truck is in the shop.. but I'm picking it up once we leave here! Yay! No more being terrified of driving the stang' in the snow! 4-wheel drive is the best, ever! 
Okay... today's packages..
These don't include the things I've received in the mail. These are just what the UPS or Fedex guy drops off. 
I did however buy a few things for myself...
Ah! I think I have a really bad shopping problem. I wish I was kidding about it. But I honestly can not remember the last time I went a day without looking at, at least 10 stores online. 
I guess it's not that bad.. I could be addicted to drugs or gambling.. just shopping. 

I do have to say, people that come to Starbucks can be so strange. There are these two ladies, probably mid to late 40's, in here and the one is sitting on a comfy chair the other on a wood chair.. the one on the wood chair is leaned over so close to the other girls face it looks like they're about to make out any second. Except, they've been like that for at least an hour. Every so often the lady will lean back and laugh and stomp her feet.. I kind of think they might be drunk. Or on drugs.

I think we're about to get going! I'm going to probably work on Luke's present for a little and try and get some sleep! I'm exhausted! I feel like I never get any sleep. I also need to workout tonight. But, I also have all day tomorrow. AH. Crap, my ADD is not being controlled very well at the moment. Sorry for just rambling off whatever comes to mind.
Yeah, this isn't working. I'm done. :)