Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nuh-night time!!!

I can't sleep.
The wind is so loud. Lucas keeps telling me to get off my computer and kindle and go "nuh-night"... I really need to!
Tomorrow I need to wake up early and do some fun girly things, shopping being the most important! I need to get all dolled up because tomorrow night we're going to the Pistons game.. We both don't like basketball and we both don't like the Pistons.. but his dad gave us tickets, and since we'd probably spend the night watching our stupid shows and sleeping.. we figured we'd get out and do something.
Tonight was a good night. I watched a few episodes of Sex and the city with Lucas' mom and then Luke and I got Bdubs carry out and watched storage wars and relaxed.
Maybe I'll go to bed now..
Lucas just said, "Bubba.. it's nuh-night time.. be a good girl." I laughed and said okay and he said, "What are you going to do...?" I said go to bed..  his response "Good girl!" Hahaha, I don't know why he feels that he must stay up just because I never sleep. We can both go to bed at 5am and I'm up at 9am and he's rolling out of bed at 5pm if he doesn't have to work. 
"Bubba... what time is it?.. nuh-night time! Are you still tumbling on tumblr?? Oh. My. God. Babe, you're being a bad girl. Nuh-night time!"
Okay, I must call it a night before my sassy bubba love gets any more sassy about "nuh-night time"!!