Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning!!! I'm actually posting! Shocker, right? Only because I'm sitting on the couch with my new Kindle Fire! It's so nice to have something bigger than my phone but much smaller than my lap top! So last night my mom handed my niece and I a gift, which I thought ws matching pajamas... but it was our Kindle Fires! Today my mom got one also! Last night Lucas and I opened gifts at my parents then went to his parents to exchange gifts with them and his sister and her boyfriend! I just got done exchanging gifts with my parents. I have to get ready and stop by Lucas' parents to see his family before he has to work :( I have a lot of pictures and so much more to talk about! My beautiful man got me a remote car starter in my truck and amazing tickets for the Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw concert!!! Everyone was amazed with the gifts I bought them this year. Lucas and I both felt amazing to be able to spend a.lot on our families. I love all my gifts, I cant believe everything I got! I love my family, including Lucas' family since I consider them my own. I'll post pictures probably tonight. I do want to take the opportunity to catch up on sleep tonight. My parents are cooking a big dinner just for us. I'm beyond excited to have some much needed relaxing time! Also I forgot to mention.. the surprise I was making Lucas was a scrapbook!! Its not done but everyone loves it so far! I'm exhausted. I'm going to have some coffee and start getting ready. It needs to be nap time already! I hope you all are enjoying family time!! Have a wonderful Christmas!