Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's all about tonight

I really don't have the time to update, but I'll do it anyways. 
I woke up early to find out what books I'll need for my classes. If I bought them new I'd be spending around $700... but, thanks to Chegg I'll only be spending about $300! 
I've also managed to consume a bit too much coffee for my own good, but maybe I'll just be in a super good mood today.. I'm sure everyone around me would enjoy that a lot. I'm been such a sassy brat lately. Damn hormones are so wacky!
I decided to paint my nails right before I have to take a shower. Might not be the best decision.. but, I guess I'll just rush the rest of the afternoon.

I said I would share what I bought everyone for Christmas, so this will be my start.

For my niece, she asked for jewelry.. so I bought her a ton! Just a bunch of fun little bracelets and necklaces. I also got her a few nail polishes and lip gloss. She's 12, so she obviously loved it.
I got my mom a Jessica Simpson purse and the Magic Bullet, along with a bunch of other fun girly things.
For my dad, I always have such a hard time knowing what to buy. His birthday is like less than 10 days before Christmas. For his birthday I bought him 4 wings tickets and a Red Wings jersey. So for Christmas I got him a red wings shirt, a few dvds of Cops, a lion's jersey and a gift card for a massage.
I got Lucas' mom a girly wine glass, because I got her one last year. And then I just bought her a ton of stuff from Bath and Body works! And a few chick flick dvds.
I got Lucas' sister a Betsey Johnson cosmetic bag and a gift card for Bed Bath and Beyond, since she's moving again.
For my sister I got her a martini shaker and a fun martini glass.
I bought my puppies a LOT of toys! They obviously managed to destroy most of them. I even researched the toys and made sure they were tough and hard to destroy.. apparently my dogs are just far too great at ruining all their toys.

I promise that I will update tomorrow and fill you in on the rest of  the gifts I gave this year! 

I just really need to hurry and get ready. It's 3pm and the game starts at 730! I found out that Taio Cruz and Mike Posner will be performing tonight. So, that should be pretty cool.
Downing my last cup of coffee, I'm so wired right now!
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!