Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Holiday season is off to a great start!

Last night was so much fun! I had no idea what to expect.

Friday night, I worked. I got an hour of sleep. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. I had to work a Holiday Party at a country club until 2. After that, I hurried up and changed there and then I was off to Grand Rapids.

The drive wasn't bad. It was only about 90 minutes. I get downtown and my GPS tells me where to go, and all of a sudden.. I'm "arriving at destination" but, the problem? I don't see my destination anywhere! I start freaking out, I can't call Lucas because he's in a meeting. I drove in circles hoping my GPS would magically re-show me where I was suppose to be. After hearing "arriving at destination" about 4 times, I finally saw it! I pull in, have valet take my car and I go and sit in the lobby and wait for my adorable man.

He finally finds me, and then we have about a 5-10 minute walk to where his meeting is at. If you've never tried walking a far distance in thigh-high boots with heels, you're not missing out on anything. And let me add, driving almost 2 hours is not anymore fun. 

Okay, we get to his meeting.. and everyone is going on break. There were so many people just in that meeting, probably a few hundred. I meet whoever Lucas could find and then we meet up with his parents.  We sat down with his mom and his dad was the speaker of the meeting. At the end of the meeting he announced all the events that were going on after dinner, and I was pretty damn excited! There were 6 different rooms; Concert Stage, Club Generations, Comedy Club, Caribbean Cafe, Blues on the River and Gordon Gear Store.
We went to dinner and then looked around really quickly and then Lucas and I had to go to the valet station so they could get my luggage out of my truck. We took it back to the room to drop it off. 
 How cute is he wheeling my pink luggage. I said "I bet you'd rather carry that than this big Juicy bag." He said, "I don't care, I'll carry any of your bags." I totally dig him.

Then went to meet up with his parents again. We went to the Gordon's store to do some shopping. All employee's get like $70 for the store. Lucas didn't want anything.. so he bought me some stuff.

Then Lucas' parents left and we decided to check out the comedy club. We saw Ralph Harris, who is hilarious! He was on Last Comic Standing and was in Dreamgirls and Even Almighty.

After we went and got a few pictures done! I swear I'll post them tomorrow once I get a chance to scan them! Taking a picture of a picture didn't work out so well. 

 This was one of the bands they had in the Caribbean Cafe.
This was the dance floor at Club Generations. 
The room had a ton of desserts, and arcade games!

We then ate some food, had a smoothie and ate some more food. Honestly, I can not believe all this stuff was free. It was just part of the Holiday Party. I had an amazingly great time! I'm excited for next year!

We decided to go back to the room around 10:30 or 11 because we're old and we were tired. We spent lots of time together... we relaxed, ordered a ton of room service and watched NHL on the fly.

Today housekeeping knocked on the door at.. seriously around 8am. I wasn't fond of this but managed to fall back asleep for about 3 more hours. I rushed and got ready, we went to a few stores in the hotel and then we were on our way back home. 

This was the view from our room. Don't mind the poor quality on all of these pictures, I only used my phone.

Once we got back, Lucas was off to work. I went off to work.. but not to work. Just to visit with my parents, who were there watching the Lion's game.

This was such a long update, sorry! I might work on Luke's present. Or.. I might just call it a night. I'm so exciting, I know. I have finals this week, so I have to devote a lot of time to those. This is my last semester at a community college, and I'm so nervous about it! School is going to be so hard and so stressful. Alright, horrible thing to think about right now.

I'll post our Christmas pictures probably tomorrow!