Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can't even come up with this right now. AH.

I figured since Lucas isn't home from work yet, I'll rant on here. After all, blogger is the only social network that isn't going to show up on someone's news feed and annoy them.
It is December 1st. I want to cry. I hate the winter. Being skinny sucks when it comes to the cold. I'm wearing my red wings fur zip up, my guess fur zip up, one north face and 2 shirts. I'm also under 5 blankets. I'm freezing. But, I got in trouble about the heating bill today. Apparently it's like double the highest it's ever been. Opps. If only I was Lucas.. he's like a heater. He honestly gives off heat just by being close to him. Lol, I was talking to Allison about this because she felt horrible that walking 20 feet outside to her car made me shake uncontrollably. 
I'm going to do a big update tomorrow.. I forgot that I was typing for a reason. Yeah, my body is like seriously shutting down. Which isn't too fab since I have to wake up in 2 hours for school. It's like I'm exhausted, but there is nothing I can do in order to fall asleep. I've slept 3 hour since Monday... it's officially Thursday.. It's horrible. I keep having falling dreams tonight. Last night I fell asleep at 5am after laying in bed all night trying to sleep. Lucas called me at probably 525 to tell me he was off work but the roads were bad so he'd talk to me when he got home if I was up.. and I started crying, a lot too. For no reason. Yeah. I can't even remember what I typed two seconds ago. I'm going to bed. Lucas isn't home yet and luckily tomorrow, Friday and Saturday I get Lucas all to myself. I don't have to share with work or school, yay! I plan on sleeping all night tomorrow night. I can barely walk without it hurting.
Okay I can't even see what I'm trying.. I feel like I took a whole bottle of sleepy time medicine.. but I didn't. I'll type tomorrow... Sorry.. this whole situation blows and it's hard on me especially when I'm alone.. then it's all just reality. :(
I can't even see what I'm tying.. my eyes wont open all the way.. Sorry if anything doesn't make sense.. hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and  I can explain!