Thursday, November 17, 2011

Without you I'd lose my mind.

I need to rush and write this because I want to spend a lot of time getting ready for work, so I look super cute! I'm exhausted.. and I work tonight, tomorrow night, Saturday morning and a double Sunday. I better figure out how to get some energy, now! 
Yesterday I went to my new school! I have to go back Tuesday for registration! I got my hair done!!
I got my bangs back!! It's crazy how fast my hair grows, I have to get my roots done every 2-3 weeks. Thank god my Mom is a hairstylist/salon owner! Lucas has been loving that a little bit too much... he gets his hair cut every week...
Lucas took me somewhere that I've mentioned I really wanted to go to!!!! Oh I love this boy so much!
I absolutely LOVED the fishys!
 WILD ANIMALS?! YUP.. kind of.

Oh hi lovey boy who didn't know I was taking pictures of him.

My dad always said that when I find a guy, he needs to learn quickly that the way to my heart is to buy me dessert. Well, Lucas learned this right away.. and he does it far too often. I ate two bites of my food, and then he made me (it makes me feel less guilty) eat this! So yummy!!!!

We bought Beatles shirts! Okay, I have to admit.. I'm not a Beatles fan.. at all. But, it's far too cute when we match.. and he LOVES The Beatles, so I'll just go with it. Lucas got a dressy outfit for his work Christmas party from H&M... oh my, that boy looks amazing!!! His short hair and a little bit of facial hair and his HUGE blue eyes.. I was such a little girl about it! AH! That night we went and he showed his mom.. and she loved it! She even threw in that when we have kids, they're going to all have big blue eyes. Haha. Yes, we will have gorgeous babies. I can't wait (Well, obviously I can.. but you know what I mean)!

We went to ALDO and we bought matching shoes.. gosh, matching this, matching that.. what's new. :) I love it!

So.. yes, we had a wonderful day and night! I have the perfect man! I love life! Ah, I'm so happy! :) I'm going to get a quick workout in before I have to go get ready! I'm still sore from Tuesday's workout!!
Enjoy your day!!!