Saturday, November 5, 2011

When you figure out, love is all that matters after all.. it sure makes everything else seem so small.

It's 4am and I'm on blogger when I have to work at 10am tomorrow. But, I guess since I didn't leave work till after 3 that's just the good ol' bar life. Tomorrow, I need to eat healthy and drink only water. Actually for the next two weeks. I'm not a pop drinker, if I do drink pop it's always diet.. but it's very rare for me to WANT a pop. Well lately, I have turned into this diet coke addict. I crave diet coke. We went to Baja Fresh the other day, I always get water.. but I wanted diet coke so bad.. but I forced myself to get green tea... but after two sips I made Lucas get me a big diet coke.. which I drank all of it. Today at work, I refilled my red wings cup 4 times with diet coke. Then today at work I had a greek salad for the first time in my life... minus tomato, onion and peppers of course! Please tell me how someone craves a greek salad when they've never had a greek salad in their entire life. It was great though, never thought I'd like a greek salad, apparently I do. So I come home and typically pizza rolls dipped in ranch mixed with hot sauce, is my weakness.. heated up 5 pizza rolls.. I wasn't even able to eat it, it was so nasty. My taste buds are playing a really horrible joke on me.. well, I guess I shouldn't be eating pizza rolls at 4am.. but still. This is very annoying to me. Well I guess it's time to text Lucas a million sappy texts and pray he gets out of work now and gets home before I fall asleep so he can have no choice but to talk me to sleep. He's so concerned about me getting enough sleep.. He won't even wake me up anymore even if I tell him to. He'll write me a cute little note to tell me he didn't want to wake me up because he knows how much I need sleep.. last night he added in the fact that Tuesday I got a little over an hour of sleep before he got home.. then I just stayed up until I had to go to class.. and I never went back to bed. I'm someone that can function on 20 mins of sleep, I might feel like hell.. but I can function. I never used to be like that, until Lucas got this job.. and then working at a bar and taking an early class two days a week.. sometimes I wonder how my body hasn't just shut down. I mean, that's probably why I'm so sore every second of my life. Well tomorrow when I get out if work, I have the whole night with Lucas.. He's going to love my fab plan for the night.. watching cops and sleeping! Okay.. I have a chance to get 3 hours of sleep in.. so I'm going to try and take it.