Monday, November 21, 2011

We laughed until we cried

I've really been sick! Yesterday when I got home from work, I ended up sleeping all evening and pretty much all night! The only time I woke up was when Lucas woke up and came and sat next to me on the couch so he could watch the game. Then my mom woke me up because her and my dad brought me food. I was up for about 30 minutes and fell back asleep then Lucas woke me up to go to the gas station with him, and then 20 minutes later I was sleeping again and didn't wake up until I had to get up for work at 930. That was about 16 hours of sleep I got last night. Although I feel better, I'm not 100%... I still feel out of it. 
I'm sucked into a criminal minds marathon.. I've never seen this show, but now I'm hooked. After a double, and still being sick.. I should be sleeping, but of course not. I work tomorrow night, have school Tuesday morning then have to go to my new school, Wednesday is the biggest bar night of the year and I'm working as a shot girl, Thursday is Thanksgiving and I get to spend it with my love and our families, Friday night I'm working, Saturday morning I work and then I get to spend time with m love and Sunday I work the morning. Busy, busy week! I have to study for finals, Christmas shop, and clean.
I think I might do a little online shopping right now! And, I need to get some sleep! I'm trying to stay busy so I don't have to think about how little time I'll be spending with Luke the next month or two. I'm actually super depressed, but he's going to be working his ass off and bringing in the big bucks. I'll be having my little man around shortly, so hopefully that will keep me distracted as well! Oh, and I need to start marathon training as well! AND, in January I start at my new school and they want me to keep a 3.8 GPA so that I'll be able to get into the program I want by next year... It's going to be stressful, but I know I can do it. I just have to think about how this will pay off and it's all going to be more than worth it. As long as my best friend is always by my side, that's more than I can ask for. I'm lucky, and I'm happy. I think that's a lot more than most people can say.