Thursday, November 3, 2011

My whole world, begins and ends with you.

I told you I'd be back! Okay I have a few pictures I just wanted to post. 

I got two new purses and some new nail polishes... and some sweaters (not pictured) in one day.. even though I told myself I'm done spending money.. that never lasts.

I love this jacket! It's so comfy and the shoulders are far too perfect! This was yesterday before Lucas and I went shopping!

My babies on Halloween! :)

Lucas' pumpkin. I'm too embarrassed to post mine!

The most unattractive picture of myself. Long hair, don't care. ;)
Here is a picture of the cute dessert from up in the Legend's Club at the game Tuesday!

Okay! There you go! I actually updated when I said I would. I had coffee and girl talk tonight with Allison! It was actually nice to do something with the little free time I have. I'm thinking about going to bed early tonight! I wish it was easy for me to fall asleep! I used to fall asleep the second I'd lay down. Now, I can stay up all day and all night. I have a Neuro Sleep that I'm going to drink.. if it doesn't knock me out I'll have to take night time stuff. I get so loopy from night time stuff. I really do need a night of good sleep. My sleep schedule is so screwed up. I always have way too much on my mind and it just keeps me up.  I guess we'll see how this goes! It would be nice to not feel absolutely exhausted all day.

I'm such a sap right now! I was watching the video for "There goes my life"... and even though I've seen it a million times.. I'm balling my eyes out. 

Sweet dreams!!