Sunday, November 27, 2011


Ebates even has a count down on their website!!! If you are an online shopper and you are not on ebates, you're crazy! Get cash back for shopping! I've gotten $22.16 back, and I have $9.05 waiting to be sent to me. Ebates is a website that you go to, and they are associated with  millions of websites.. probably 99% of ones your shop at and if you go to the site through ebates, you'll get a percentage of your purchase back! I swear on my life they actually send you a check. Plus they often have codes for better deals on the sites.
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I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much! Plus, why not? You're signing up to get money back and getting great deals!

But, I'm very excited! I love online shopping more than anything!.. Well, not anything. I plan to finish my Christmas shopping! 
I bought new belly button rings a few days ago..
The snake one is awesome.. but it's so uncomfortable. I have far too many bellybutton rings. I might be obsessed with getting belly button rings. But, whatever.
My black eye is getting better! This was what it looked like the night I got hit in the face...

You can't really see anything. It turned into a bruise and got a little bigger.. but I think it's getting better! It's still black under my eye closer to my nose.. but I don't think people notice it too much.
Luke and I had a great evening yesterday, but when don't we. We relaxed and slept! I worked this morning and right now I'm hanging out with my parents watching Bridesmaids.
I'm too distracted to finish writing any of this lol. So I'm ending it. Sorry!
Happy Cyber Shopping!! :)