Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm sippin' on some sunshine.

I just may be getting sick! Nothing can make me feel awake the past few days. Maybe I should stop trying to wake up right now, and just get to bed early. I just feel like there's so much I want to get done, and I have no time to ever do it. I guess that's life. I worked all weekend. Friday night was absolutely insane. There was a line out the door for hours, because we were over capacity. Then Saturday I worked the morning and got to relax with my man! It was an amazing night! This morning I had a work meeting at 9:30 and then my shift started right after. I thought for sure I'd have a few tables and walk away with less than $100.. but I was so wrong. I made a lot of money tonight. So happy. Then I went and grabbed some food with my mom and played some keno, won $20.
On Friday, I payed for our registration for the Nashville Marathon! I'm excited, but I need to start training hardcore. It's like I look as if I'm in great shape, I think I've mentioned before people always ask me how many hours a day I work out... I guess the only thing my body really holds onto is muscle. I have a lot of work to do. But it's something I've always wanted to do, I just assumed that I'd never do it. Plus, I'll have Lucas with me, and it'll be an awesome experience for both of us! Most of all, it'll be a great adventure and achievement together! I'm far too excited.
I might say it all the time, but I want to go to bed early tonight. I'm not sure what's going on with me lately. I feel like I took night time medicine. I'm watching My Fair Wedding. Yes, I'm that girl. But really, this one is going to make me cry non-stop. The bride's son is 17 and he was diagnosed with life threatening cancer and she put her wedding plans on hold to take care of her son. Her son got to be part of the Make A Wish foundation and his wish was to bring David Tutera to his hometown and give his mom the wedding of her dreams. It amazes me that people can be so selfless. I'm now sitting on the Make-A-Wish Foundation website, reading stories and just crying. Can you believe there are people out there who are given a time limit to live their life or are fighting a hard battle and they wish for simple things? Then look at us, healthy as can be and we're so selfish and we don't understand why everything isn't just handed to us. It's really inspiring! I know, I'm such a sap about this stuff.. but I'm really not a selfish person and seeing stuff like this, really opens my eyes even more. People take life for granted. I feel so lucky for the life I was given. I'm forever grateful.
I should just end this update at that, but I want to address one last thing. I'm absolutely sick of hearing about people from my past, or Lucas' past. I don't care what my ex or what Lucas' ex has to say about him or I. When we started dating, we didn't announce it because we knew it would be this huge dramatic, end of the world type issue. Please, try and make me understand why after 16 months of being official.. people we pushed out of our lives, for obvious reasons, are still trashing us. I do not have time in my schedule to talk shit about any of my exes, nor do I have that right. How immature can you be to talk badly about someone who is living their own life and someone who has had no connection with you for well over a year? I think there is a point when you don't know someone anymore. If you have such an issue with Lucas or I, stop trying to keep up with our life. Be your own person and do your own thing. It's not even just exes that I'm referring to. I'm talking about anyone that I used to know, that I no longer speak to. Just stop checking my blogs. I'm not sure what it is that you're looking for. I got an anonymous tumblr message today, "I talked to a guy you dated the other night and he asked me how I knew you, then he went on to tell me how much of a controlling crazy pshyco bitch you were." Well, if I dated a controlling crazy pshyco bitch.. I would probably wash my hands and let it cross my mind again. Also, I don't give a damn what I WAS. People live in the past, and are ALWAYS concerned with how I WAS. "She used to be fat". Do you know why? Because now, I'm in a relationship that makes me happy. I am absolutely in love and I would do anything for this guy. And I'm a size 0. So what can anyone say about me now? Nothing, because they do not know me anymore. Just like when I get questions asking me if Lucas cheated on his ex. Excuse me? Did my boyfriend cheat on some chick.. 3 years ago? Oh, you want to know because she's currently insisting that he did? Wait. THREE YEARS LATER?! I know the girl he "cheated with" and no, he never did. I mean, come on.. he kept me and our love child a secret.. if he let someone think he was cheating with some random chick, it was probably just an excuse to get his ex away from him. I'm going to wrap this up and say, we know the good and bad about each other. We have nothing to hide, we're honest no matter what. We have been since day one and all the drama only made us closer. But, we're at the point in our life that we're far too concerned with our future and we don't care for the drama. I'm so sick of having to watch anything I publicly post online because we have people constantly checking our stuff. I have no issue changing my tumblr and blog so these people can't read my stuff. I think that's pathetic that these people won't just leave us alone. I feel bad that someone can sit and talk shit about someone they don't know anymore. I couldn't imagine what life would be like if I was in that person's shoes. 
I'm done venting. I promise. Enjoy the update.. unless you can relate to the type of person I'm talking about in the previous paragraph.. then I'm sure you'll spam me with anonymous tumblr messages or go on a shit talking rampage. Which will then cause me to either delete all my social networking sites or change them so you can't have access to my life.

Have a great night loves! :)