Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm a little drunk on you

I actually had a great day today! Weird considering I woke up feeling like absolute crap... and I worked tonight. The past few Mondays I'd go into work and get set home after an hour because there was no need for two girls on the floor. Today, it was my turn to stay.. which was fine with me, I just felt like crap. 
The night went by really great. I was in an awesome mood. One of our cooks made me fried pickles after I told him that I tried them the other night from BDubs and didn't like them. Well, I wasn't a fan of fried pickles.. until I tried theses ones. Sadly, he specially made them for me with special dipping sauce and spices so I probably won't ever enjoy them anywhere else. So anyways, I made great money and we got closed by midnight. I'm a happy camper!! 
I have class tomorrow morning. Lucas worked last night and didn't get off work until 8am... and had to be back to work at 5pm and he probably won't get off tonight until 7am... so guess how we'll be spending our Tuesday and Wednesday? Being lazy, watching movies, cuddling, pigging out and sleeping! Fine by me! He feels bad and has already triple checked to make sure I wasn't going to be mad that he's going to be too exhausted to go anywhere.I have a lot of homework to do, and I'm exhausted as well! I might even attempt to work on homework at a coffee shop after school in the morning since I get out at 11am.. even solo, I don't mind. Sleep sounds so great. I think I might actually attempt to get some tonight. 
Sleep well! <3