Monday, November 21, 2011

I need you there, when the nightmares and dreams have come true. Yeah, we belong.

I have such a busy week ahead of me. I'm not really sure why I decided to update this instead of getting other things done, but.. I guess that's just the wonderful world of blogging. Tomorrow on top of school in the morning and going to my new school at 530.. I have to go to work and make jello shots for Wed.
Oh wait, I just happened to look at what is due for my online classes this week.. nothing. What a great surprise! I'm very happy right now! 
So I went into work for a few hours and then got to go home. I went shopping for an outfit for Wed. If you remember in the last post, I mentioned I'm going to be a shot girl. Here is mine and the other girl's outfit....
I think they're so cute! We have cute black shorts and I bought these boots..
Sassy! I'm excited. I also happened to stop and buy some fake lashes, eye shadow and eye liner to match my outfit!
Yeah, so maybe I spent a little more than I had planned. But whatever.. you only live once right? And I plan on making some great money, I have to look super cute!

I'm freezing right now! I mean, that's nothing new but ugh.. I hate it. I'm watching Monster In-Laws.. it's some show on A&E. This episode is loaded with trash. Honestly I don't know how anyone can marry someone and not get along with their in-laws. My parents opinion is huge to me. If they don't like someone, I can't be with them. I think Lucas is the first guy that they absolutely love. They would love to see me with him for the rest of my life, and I'm so glad. 

I'm kind of bored so, I'm going to be a HUGE loser and take one of those super lame surveys.. hey, it's my blog and I can do whatever I want right? If someone actually reads it, more power to them! ;)

Are you in a good mood today? Yes, I am!
How many siblings do you have? I have a step sister.. I've disowned my brother.
What do you think of gay marriage? Marriage is about love, not gender.
What do you think about abortion? Pro-choice. What I would do, maybe not be what you would do.. who am I to judge someone for doing what's right for their own situation.
Have you ever had a black eye? Yes. I got hit with a hockey puck when I was little.
How many people have you dated? Six.. ish, I don't know.
Who was your first best friend? Allison
Do you still speak with this person? Yup!!
How many times did you get suspended or detentions? Never had either!
What would you want to be written on your tombstone? Something from the heart. I don't like to think about that!
Your biggest fear? Snakes!
Who have you seen in concert? Nsync, Kenny Chesney (5 times), Dierks Bently, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood, Gretchen Wilson, Jake Owen, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Justin Moore, The Band Perry, Blink-182, Incubus, Goo Goo Dolls (twice), Maroon 5, Train... I don't remember who else.. plus I've been to Warped Tour 4 times and seen smaller bands like ADTR, Emerosa and whatever.
Do you want to get married? Absolutely!
Do you want kids? Of course!
Have you ever had stitches? If so, why? Do you have a scar? Yes. Sliced my finger really bad on a big beer glass at work. Went to the worst ER ever, they numbed me up.. waited over and hour and when I was screaming in pain as they were doing the stitches, they insisted it was probably just "pressure".. and yes I have an indent in my pinky.. it still hurts to move it.
Reason behind the last time you cried? Because Lucas was writing me cute texts on his break, and I miss him.
Do you have any tattoos? One so far. "Trust Your Struggle"
Do you wish bad things on your ex? I would never wish bad things. I don't care if someone screwed me over, or still talks shit about me.. I'm a bigger person than that and I really don't care enough to hope they go through anything bad. Karma will do it's job. I don't live in the past.
You never know what you got until it's gone, true or false? False. If you couldn't see what you had until it was gone you don't deserve it.
Has anyone ever tried to ruin a relationship you were in? Yes.
If some girl was trying to get with your man what would you do? He'd never let that happen. He wouldn't put up with it. It would never be and should never be my job to stop someone else from talking to Lucas.
What do you bite more your tongue, lip or nails? Actually, my cheeks.
Have you ever cried from being so mad? That's usually the only time I cry.
Do you like roller coasters? I'm terrified of heights and the falling feeling.. but I do like roller coasters.. but waiting in line, I panic. Lucas made me go on Top Thrill Dragster, I literally was crying in line and when I got on the ride.. But, I ended up absolutely loving it!
Can you legally drink? If I drive 40 minutes and cross the boarder!
How long was your longest relationship? My current one! 16 months and counting!
Do you have goals for the future? Of course! So many that I'm working on now!
Overall are you happy with your life? The happiest I've ever been! :)