Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

 I look so exhausted.. which I totally am! This is my, I feel like crap and I took a shower and stayed in bed wrapped in my towel until 10 minutes before we had to leave look. Not too cute, I know.
We has a wonderful evening though! We went to Lucas' family and everyone was shocked by our hair changes and our weight loss. It's crazy how much we've changed over the past year. We spent some time chatting with him family and then went to my parents house to pig out on so much food! Lucas has been working so much, he's exhausted. So while I did some online shopping he napped on the couch.. and he's still sleeping! But he just looks so cute!

My sister and my niece ended up stopping by unexpectedly, which was nice to have some time to visit with them!

I'm sleepy today. I worked last night.. 
and had a little bit too much fun after work.

I think I'm going to cuddle up next to my man and relax. I'm not going to go Black Friday shopping.. I'll wait for Cyber Monday.. I'm a much better online shopping, I can't deal with people normally at the store.. I don't want to deal with the crazy Black Friday group.
Have a good night! Hope all you crazy shoppers get some deals!