Sunday, November 6, 2011

Don't start thinking I'm gonna stop, giving it all I got. If you think you've seen love, you ain't seen nothing yet. How could I ever get tired of waking up by your side?

I meant to be so much more productive that I have been tonight. I've been sitting here getting lost in people's blogs, painting my nails and listening to music. There might be medication (well.. maybe not for long thanks to this god awful shortage) for ADD.. but nothing will ever help my music ADD. It's so bad. Lucas sometimes makes rules in the car, "You can pick the music but you have to listen to the entire song." Which, never happens.. and I still get to pick the music because I'm the princess. Somehow I just managed to say very little, and still be all over the place. I don't even have anything to really blog about tonight, I'm kind of just doing it to avoid doing homework and working out. 
You know what I hate more than anything in the entire world? "ARE YOU LOSING WEIGHT?!?" I do not like talking about weight. I don't like people paying attention to my weight. It's been very easy for me to lose weight the past few months, and I don't know why. Someone the other day commented on my arm muscles. Well do you really think it's hard for muscle to show when there's no fat on the body part? No. I'm not in shape. I don't work out. When I wear shorts, people ask me what my workout routine is. People constantly ask me if I live at the gym. I'm all muscle. I love that I look like I work out non-stop.. but I don't and I HATE it. I feel so guilty that I'm such a lazy bum who loves food. I keep saying I'm going to change, but I never do. So.. tomorrow is a new week. I shall start living super healthy. I need to be spending a lot of time working on my fitness. Considering I'm not tired at all.. I might start tonight. I guess we'll see how this goes.
Yesterday I worked the morning and then I spent my lovely evening with Lucas Blaze! I got rowdy and was sleeping by midnight.. Lucas made me wake up around 2 so I didn't sleep on the couch all night. I was out hard. I got in bed and realized that it was daylight savings time so it was 1am, again! I fell asleep probably 3 minutes after getting in bed and I slept through all my alarms and woke up at 10:30am. I rushed to get ready and went to work. I was so happy that I actually slept! I had a good day at work today. I work tomorrow night. Then Tuesday I have class in the morning then Lucas and I are going downtown for some Mexican food!! Then we're going to the Red Wings game and maybe going to the casino or the bar in the casino after for a drink. We'll see though!
Well, there was a very pointless post! Hope whoever reads this enjoyed! ;)