Monday, October 24, 2011

Without you, I'd lose my mind. Before you ever came alone, I was living life all wrong. The smartest thing I ever did, was make you all mine.

It's Sunday night, and I'm enjoying being able to relax and get some homework done. I'm really trying to figure out this whole Nashville thing. My mind is so focused on that! Lucas seems excited too! I'm going to get a mini workout in tonight, I'm just so absolutely exhausted and I would love to get some sleep.

I watched two "scary" movies tonight. The first one was pretty good, it wasn't scary but it was a good movie. The second one was so weird. About this girl who was a still born and since her parents always lost their babies, some weird religious lady offered to bring the baby back to life but after 18 years they would take her soul. I don't like unrealistic movies. I don't like unrealistic shows either. Actually, even worse I hate shows that try and bring up a real life issue, but then put a twist on it so it doesn't seem as serious. For example, The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. Thank you ABC Family for making young girls think that getting knocked up at 15 by the popular guy, might actually work out to be the picture perfect relationship. Oh wait, they add some drama to it!.. his ex is bat shit crazy and obsessed with him, gets knocked up by the mother of her ex boyfriend's child's ex boyfriend. And what happens? They get engaged and eventually married and they get a condo right before the baby comes and then while she's so excited about her daughter and her daughter ends up being a stillborn and let me tell you, this whole show is so poorly acted.. but the scene at the hospital made me cry for like a day straight.. anyways, now while she's miserable, depressed and feeling fat and ugly (If you haven't seen the show I'm not being a bitch, it's clearly stated that's how she's feeling.) her husband realizes that the only reason he married her was because of the baby. So he straight up tells her he doesn't want her and that if it wasn't for the baby he would of never been with her, and all of a sudden this chick who wasn't even showering because she was so depressed, gets an overdose of confidence after she trashes the nursery and then gets rid of everything. What does she do? Secretly plans to get knocked up again! All of this goes on while she's obsessed with her ex and his girlfriend and child. But then once her ex is going to get married, she suddenly finds a guy and she's over it. Everyone lives happily ever after. I would be pissed if my teenage daughter was watching some show like this. Girls don't understand what reality is because everything seems so damn easy thanks to these stupid shows.

Sorry about that. It was just something I needed to vent about. I worked all weekend so I really don't have any stories to share. Went home really early last night from work and worked this afternoon and I work tomorrow night. I have however realized that I absolutely hate not being able to just come home and talk to my mom. I don't like having to call her just so I can tell her some stupid story. I love my mom! I love both of my parents! She said they'd move to Florida if Lucas and I moved there, which is an option.. but I'm sure my parents will move to Nashville.. I could never move far away from my parents, and I'm totally okay with that! It's nice to be close to your parents. Lucas is really close with his parents too. We come from amazing families, our parents are happily married, and we were raised very similar. Okay... I really need to get my workout in. Boring post, I know. I'll try and have a few interesting updates this week. Goodnight!!