Friday, October 28, 2011

We were loving blind, borderline reckless. We were living for the minute we were spinning in. Maybe we we're a lot of things, but we weren't crazy.

I slept in a little bit today, so now I feel like I've done absolutely nothing with the time I've had this morning. I don't have anything specific that I have to get done, just things I planned on getting out of the way. I have the rest of the evening and night, but I'm also getting my hair finished and hanging out with my mom. I'm not going to worry about it though, I put on some country and I'm going to stay in a good mood. 

I worked last night. It wasn't that busy, but I ended up actually having a good time. I had a really funny table who decided to tell me all the pick up lines they know. Not because they were hitting on me, I think just because they thought it was funny. I also talked to a lot of regulars that I don't normally talk to. It's always funny to me that I look like such a bitch and people think that by looking at me, I'm not friendly. People always tell me that. Actually, that's why so many girls "hate" me and they don't even know me. I'm nice to absolutely everyone, unless I have a really good reason. It's hard to make me mad, and it's even harder to make me dislike you. My mom gets it too. People think she's intimidating. When she hires new girls at her salon, they're like scared of her at first until they get to know her. People are always surprised after they talk to me. But I guess that's why you shouldn't judge a book by their cover. 

I was talking to the DJ last night who also brought up the fact that I look like I'm either in a bad mood or mad when I'm just standing by the bar not talking to anyone. He also said something about how I'm young and the chances of me marrying Lucas, are very slim. He even said that if I marry Lucas, he'll DJ our wedding for free. It didn't bug me last night because the guy is super nice, and wasn't being rude about it.. But, to be honest.. it's probably the most annoying thing to hear. If you've never worked at a bar, you'd never understand what it's like to deal with all kinds of people.. and what it's like when they drink. When people drink, they know it all.. they know your life better than you and they are always right. So when people hear that I'm a few months short of 20, my boyfriend is 23 and we've been together for 15 months.. instead of just being positive about it.. they feel the need to warn me, "Well, you know you're not going to marry this guy. Do you think you're going to marry him? Because there are a million guys out there. You're young, you haven't experienced enough yet to know what you want. Don't settle down when you're so young." I'm not offended by someone who doesn't know anything about me. They don't know how many guys I've dated, or how much I've changed over the past years. I'm 20 years old (minus 118 days). I'm not 15 years old. Just because I would love to marry Lucas, doesn't mean that we're getting married next week, or even next year. Yes, we're young. We know we're young. We know what we want in life, but we also want enjoy life. Just because we're young and we should be traveling and doing exciting things before we settle down, doesn't mean we can't do all those fun things together and still settle down after. He's my best friend. If we never started dating, he would still be my best friend. People can think whatever they want, they'll eventually see. Anyone who knows us, already sees it, and doesn't doubt that we'll be together till the end.  We know what we have, that's all that matters to us.

Well, now that I've wasted even more time venting about this.. I really have to get going! Sorry about the short update, I really will try and have something interesting next time! Maybe tonight (as if I don't say that all the time.) ;)