Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks Netflix...

Watching a documentary about kids on medication. I have ADD, and I have no idea how someone can tell of a CHILD has ADD or ADHD. It makes me so sad that some parents are so quick to medicate their kids so they don't have to deal with them. I don't understand how any parent would want their kid to to be on any medication. Kids will be kids, who cares of they're crazy and hyper all the time when they're 4... that's just how kids are. A lot of these kids are later diagnosed with bi-polar disorder ... Uhh, maybe their mood is caused by their medication. Honestly I HOPE that my kids are wild and sassy. Don't have a kid if you can not enjoy their energy. I put my patents through hell because I was a sassy little girl. My parents raised me right but I was sassy and I wanted things my way. I threw fits, I was over dramatic and I had a LOT of attitude. But, never would my parents make me a zombie.. my doctor said that many people will be on medication their whole life and when their old enough not to be on it they found out they "don't have ADD anymore"... I was never on ADD medication when I was younger, it wasn't an issue until I started struggling to with thing I wanted to do or get done. When you're 4 all you want to do is play, why should they be on medication for acting their age? Sorry for my rant... it just really upsets me.

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