Friday, October 21, 2011

Nightmare.. :(

I just had the worst dream of my entire life. I had a dream that I was pregnant and Lucas and I were at the Red Wings Game. My back was in so much pain and I could barely walk. It was the last game of the Stanley Cup playoffs and I went into labor and all of a sudden I'm in this really fancy hospital room and the doctor tells me that I'm not just having one baby, I'm having two. And then Lucas comes in with our 4 year old son and for some reason I didn't know I was having twins and I somehow forgot I had another kid. And Lucas keeps asking if I wanted him to wait until I had the babies or if he should go back to the game. In my dream I start crying because I'm missing the game. I somehow have these two twins that are huge and healthy and all I can think about is how badly my back is in pain. The doctor tells me that something is wrong with my spine and I'll have to have surgery. And then I couldn't find Lucas and I was freaking out.. and then I start going into surgery and they wouldn't put me to sleep or do anything.. and then I woke up to my back killing me and I swear I somehow thought it was all real for a second..
Getting a heating pack, and trying to get back to sleep. I feel sick from waking up so fast. I hope Lucas gets off work real soon.

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