Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life was fast and the world was cruel. We were young and wild, we decided not to have a child.

I slept an hour last night. I had to go to class and take a test. I'm still awake. I think I might lay down and take a nap for a few hours. I really want to workout. I started to, but I've been really weak lately. It like hurts to even walk. Probably lack of sleep, no food and I think I might be sick. I have so many pictures to put on my computer.. I wanted to do that tonight, but we'll see if my body will allow me to function later. I'll post a few pics from Disney on ice that I have on my phone. So just stalk my picplz if you care to see anything. Alright I'm falling asleep while typing. Good thing I'm too much of a wife already, and didn't go in the limo to Canada with girls from work. I totally just remembered, I need to work out every day. If I work the night of our Halloween party I have to dress up. No one wants to see a fat girl in a Halloween costume. I also have to go buy even more new jeans because for some reason my body only knows how to lose weight. Honestly, it's annoying. I get so excited about jeans and of course I only like Guess jeans and all the other stupid brand that are like $100 per pair... so I'll spend a few hundred dollars on a couple of pairs and then by the next month they're too big and/or worn out because I have to wash and dry them twice each time before I wear them so they wont be baggy. I have to buy new leggings, tights and yoga's because they're all big on me. These yoga pants I have on, I've worn them 2 times.. they shouldn't be stretched out.. but of course they are. Losing weight is annoying. That sounds stupid, but I guess that's what I get for having a love child with Lucas a few years back, hmm? Saturday I have to work at 730am for our huge tailgate thing.. but Saturday night Lucas better be ready for a movie night and I'm dying to bake some new stuff! I'm an awesome future wifey. I love it!

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