Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's time for them to be scared of us.

Miserable right now. Im having hot flashes to the worst extent ever. I'm trying to get sleep, I have class in the morning. I've been sleeping so much lately... and I'm more tired than ever. I feel awful. Spending the next two days with the hubby is all I want. When I'm sick I need someone to cuddle me or I get really upset and it makes me feel even worse. I wish he'd get off work soon so maybe he could get me to sleep. Whenever something is wrong, just hearing Lucas' voice always makes it better. I'm such a girl. Today at work we were talking about how everyone has so much annoying boy drama and the girl I work with told me that she thinks Lucas and I seem perfect and about how I'm going to marry him... it makes me so happy that I've found someone who can make me so happy that other people even see it. I'm happy that with Lucas I don't have to deal with drama or fights or break ups every other day. If we couldn't fix something and we even out of anger broke up for 5 mins, we would stay broken up. We're far too serious and far too mature to be involved with any of that. I love being his girl. Since I started dating him, I absolutely love my life. Id fill you in on my weekend but I'm shaking so bad I can't type on my phone anymore. I need to get some sleep. Expect a better update tomorrow. Sorry! <3

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