Thursday, October 13, 2011

I will swim in the deep, cause you'll be next to me.

Yesterday we meet the Detroit Red Wings again. Lucas showed Dan Cleary the picture of him(Cleary) and I last year. Dan Cleary likes me better as a blonde.. and couldn't believe he was actually smiling in a picture. He asked how many facebook comments we got on our picture, lol. And I for some reason openly admitted to his face that I'm beyond obsessed with him. He claims that he remembers me because I'm his number one fan. Oh boy. I was totally stoked on meeting Bertuzzi. I absolutely love him, and I don't want to hear anyone's comments about him, get over it. The way I see it.. hockey is a violent sport, yeah maybe it was a cheap shot.. but if Moore was still playing hockey no one would even think twice about it. I think it would also be different if Big Bert was still out there being a big rough and tough guy. His career drastically changed after the incident also because he obviously learned from his mistake. I love my wings <3

Tonight we went to Disney On Ice. It was actually really great. So many little kids. I didn't mind though because I love little kids and I don't think I could ever get annoyed by a baby or little kid. And that's exactly why I plan to work at a Children's Hospital. Lucas said that in High School they need to take you to Disney On Ice so that everyone will realize why it's so important to use birth control.

Lucas is passed out watching Jimmy Fallon and I'm working on homework and studying. I honestly think I'm getting sick. My hands are like freezing cold but I'm burning up, I'm weak and nauseous.  Not fun.

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