Monday, October 31, 2011


I only have time to write this because I'm waiting to take a shower until my babies come home, looking all pretty! 

So today, my mail was...

A $10 gas card from my bank and my bracelet from Fetch & Co.!!


If you don't know about Fetch & Co. You should really check it out! I've been following her blog and she opened up a store and sells bracelets and other things she makes in order to raise money for her puppy who needs to have surgery! I'm an animal lover, so of course I HAD to have one. She's the sweetest girl ever and even makes custom orders, all you have to do is email her about what you want! Seriously check out the store!! CLICK HERE

So you might know that I'm starting to really love nail polish and different nail art... here's my current collection..

My mom bought me some fun nail stuff! I'm totally doing my nails super fancy tomorrow before the game! She also bought me yet another pair of feather earrings!! She also got me a ton of new make-up brushes that I wanted for Christmas!

Once I started typing this, my doorbell rang.. my best friend, the UPS guy! My jacket came in! It's really hard to see, or even understand from the picture, but whatever.. 

It's so cute and I absolutely love the shoulders! It's like beaded shoulders with beads hanging down.. and the back is leather. It's just perfect for me!

And last but not least, a ton of my make-up came in! I don't have a picture because it just came in this second! For someone who hates wearing make-up, I sure do have a lot! I'm someone who can't stand having the same make-up every single day. It always chances. Well, I really have to rush and shower and get ready before work at 4. I'm a little bit nervous because the past two Mondays have been dead.. and tonight is Halloween. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween!!!